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The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) (2011)

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) (2011)

100% medically INaccurate.

Inspired by the fictional Dr. Heiter, disturbed loner Martin dreams of creating a 12-person centipede and sets out to realize his sick fantasy.

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  • Eugenio Eaddy says :

    Many thanks that post this movie for my family

  • Demetrius Decarlo says :

    I merely watched a clip of the movie, and it appears as though an interesting movie. Best wishes a lot of for posting!

  • Herschel Herzberg says :

    A tad slow at the beginning but definitely worth the watch.

  • Kimbery Kump says :

    god bless u, i will finally watch this movie

Laurence R. Harvey Laurence R. Harvey
as Martin
Ashlynn Yennie Ashlynn Yennie
as Miss Yennie
Dominic Borrelli Dominic Borrelli
as Paul
Georgia Goodrick Georgia Goodrick
as Valerie
Maddi Black Maddi Black
as Candy
Kandace Caine Kandace Caine
as Karrie
Lucas Hansen Lucas Hansen
as Ian
Lee Nicholas Harris Lee Nicholas Harris
as Dick
Dan Burman Dan Burman
as Greg
Daniel Jude Gennis Daniel Jude Gennis
as Tim
Emma Lock Emma Lock
as Kim
Katherine Templar Katherine Templar
as Rachel
Peter Blankenstein Peter Blankenstein
as Alan
Vivien Bridson Vivien Bridson
as Misses Lomax
Bill Hutchens Bill Hutchens
as Dr. Sebring
Ilona Six Ilona Six
Tom Six Tom Six
James Edward Barker James Edward Barker
Original Music Composer
David Meadows David Meadows
Director of Photography
Nigel de Hond Nigel de Hond
Tom Six Tom Six
Tom Six Tom Six