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Octopussy (1983)

Octopussy (1983)

James Bond’s all time high.

James Bond is sent to investigate after a fellow “00” agent is found dead with a priceless Fabergé egg. James Bond follows the mystery and uncovers a smuggling scandal and a Russian General who wants to provoke a new World War.

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Roger Moore Roger Moore
as James Bond
Maud Adams Maud Adams
as Octopussy
Louis Jourdan Louis Jourdan
as Kamal
Kristina Wayborn Kristina Wayborn
as Magda
Kabir Bedi Kabir Bedi
as Gobinda
Steven Berkoff Steven Berkoff
as Orlov
David Meyer David Meyer
as Twin One
Tony Meyer Tony Meyer
as Twin Two
Desmond Llewelyn Desmond Llewelyn
as Q
Robert Brown Robert Brown
as M
Lois Maxwell Lois Maxwell
as Miss Moneypenny
Michaela Clavell Michaela Clavell
as Penelope Smallbone
Walter Gotell Walter Gotell
as Gogol
Vijay Amritraj Vijay Amritraj
as Vijay
Albert Moses Albert Moses
as Sadruddin
Geoffrey Keen Geoffrey Keen
as Minister of Defence
Douglas Wilmer Douglas Wilmer
as Fanning
Andy Bradford Andy Bradford
as 009
Philip Voss Philip Voss
as Auctioneer
Bruce Boa Bruce Boa
as U.S. General
Richard LeParmentier Richard LeParmentier
as U.S. Aide
Paul Hardwick Paul Hardwick
as Soviet Chairman
Suzanne Jerome Suzanne Jerome
as Gwendoline
Cherry Gillespie Cherry Gillespie
as Midge
Dermot Crowley Dermot Crowley
as Kamp
Peter Porteous Peter Porteous
as Lenkin
Eva Rueber-Staier Eva Rueber-Staier
as Rublevitch
Jeremy Bulloch Jeremy Bulloch
as Smithers
Tina Hudson Tina Hudson
as Bianca
William Derrick William Derrick
as Thug with Yo-yo
Stuart Saunders Stuart Saunders
as Major Clive
Patrick Barr Patrick Barr
as British Ambassador
Gabor Vernon Gabor Vernon
as Borchoi
Hugo Bower Hugo Bower
as Karl
Ken Norris Ken Norris
as Colonel Toro
Tony Arjuna Tony Arjuna
as Mufti
Gertan Klauber Gertan Klauber
as Bubi
Brenda Cowling Brenda Cowling
as Schatzl
David Grahame David Grahame
as Petrol Pump Attendant
Brian Coburn Brian Coburn
as South American V.I.P.
Michael Halphie Michael Halphie
as South American Officer
Mary Stavin Mary Stavin
as Octopussy Girl
Carolyn Seaward Carolyn Seaward
as Octopussy Girl
Carole Ashby Carole Ashby
as Octopussy Girl
Cheryl Anne Cheryl Anne
as Octopussy Girl
Jani-Z Jani-Z
as Octopussy Girl
Julie Martin Julie Martin
as Octopussy Girl
Joni Flynn Joni Flynn
as Octopussy Girl
Julie Barth Julie Barth
as Octopussy Girl
Kathy Davies Kathy Davies
as Octopussy Girl
Helene Hunt Helene Hunt
as Octopussy Girl
Gillian De Terville Gillian De Terville
as Octopussy Girl
Safira Afzal Safira Afzal
as Octopussy Girl
Louise King Louise King
as Octopussy Girl
Tina Robinson Tina Robinson
as Octopussy Girl
Alison Worth Alison Worth
as Octopussy Girl
Janine Andrews Janine Andrews
as Octopussy Girl
Lynda Knight Lynda Knight
as Octopussy Girl
Susanne Dando Susanne Dando
as Gymnast Supervisor
Teresa Draddock Teresa Draddock
as Gymnast
Kirsten Harrison Kirsten Harrison
as Gymnast
Christine Cullers Christine Cullers
as Gymnast
Lisa Jackman Lisa Jackman
as Gymnast
Jane Aldridge Jane Aldridge
as Gymnast
Christine Gibson Christine Gibson
as Gymnast
Tracy Llewellyn Tracy Llewellyn
as Gymnast
Ruth Flynn Ruth Flynn
as Gymnast
Roberto  Germains Roberto Germains
as Ringmaster
Richard Graydon Richard Graydon
as Francisco the Fearless
The Hassani Troupe The Hassani Troupe
as The Circus
The Flying Cherokees The Flying Cherokees
as The Circus
Carol Richter Carol Richter
as The Circus
Josef Richter Josef Richter
as The Circus
Vera Fossett Vera Fossett
as The Circus
Shirley Fossett Shirley Fossett
as The Circus
Barrie Winship Barrie Winship
as The Circus
Ravinder Singh Reyett Ravinder Singh Reyett
as Thug
Gurdial Sira Gurdial Sira
as Thug
Michael Moor Michael Moor
as Thug
Sven Surtees Sven Surtees
as Thug
Peter Edmund Peter Edmund
as Thug
Ray Charles Ray Charles
as Thug
Talib Johnny Talib Johnny
as Thug
John Glen John Glen
George MacDonald Fraser George MacDonald Fraser
Richard Maibaum Richard Maibaum
Albert R. Broccoli Albert R. Broccoli
Tom Pevsner Tom Pevsner
John Barry John Barry
Original Music Composer
Alan Hume Alan Hume
Director of Photography
Peter Davies Peter Davies
Henry Richardson Henry Richardson
Debbie McWilliams Debbie McWilliams
Peter Lamont Peter Lamont
Production Design
John Fenner John Fenner
Art Direction
Jack Stephens Jack Stephens
Set Decoration
Emma Porteous Emma Porteous
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Michael G. Wilson Michael G. Wilson
Michael G. Wilson Michael G. Wilson
Executive Producer
Barbara Broccoli Barbara Broccoli
Assistant Director
Ian Fleming Ian Fleming
Rita Coolidge Rita Coolidge
Theme Song Performance