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Anonymous (2011)

Anonymous (2011)

Was Shakespeare a Fraud?

Set against the backdrop of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Essex Rebellion against her, the story advances the theory that it was in fact Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford who penned Shakespeare's plays.

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Jamie Campbell Bower Jamie Campbell Bower
as Young Earl of Oxford
Rhys Ifans Rhys Ifans
as Edward de Vere
David Thewlis David Thewlis
as William Cecil
Joely Richardson Joely Richardson
as Princess Elizabeth Tudor
Vanessa Redgrave Vanessa Redgrave
as Queen Elizabeth I
Sebastian Armesto Sebastian Armesto
as Ben Jonson
Rafe Spall Rafe Spall
as William Shakespeare
Edward Hogg Edward Hogg
as Robert Cecil
Xavier Samuel Xavier Samuel
as Earl of Southampton
Sam Reid Sam Reid
as Earl of Essex
Paolo De Vita Paolo De Vita
as Francesco
Trystan Gravelle Trystan Gravelle
as Christopher Marlowe
Robert Emms Robert Emms
as Thomas Dekker
Tony Way Tony Way
as Thomas Nashe
Julian Bleach Julian Bleach
as Captain Richard Pole
Derek Jacobi Derek Jacobi
as Prologue
Alex Hassell Alex Hassell
as Spencer
James Garnon James Garnon
as John Heminge
Mark Rylance Mark Rylance
as Condell
Jasper Britton Jasper Britton
as Pope
Ned Dennehy Ned Dennehy
as Interrogator
John Keogh John Keogh
as Philip Henslowe
Lloyd Hutchinson Lloyd Hutchinson
as Richard Burbage
Vicky Krieps Vicky Krieps
as Bessie Vavasour
Helen Baxendale Helen Baxendale
as Anne De Vere
Paula Schramm Paula Schramm
as Bridget De Vere
Amy Kwolek Amy Kwolek
as Young Anne De Vere
Luke Thomas Taylor Luke Thomas Taylor
as Boy Earl of Oxford
Isaiah Michalski Isaiah Michalski
as Boy Robert Cecil
Timo Huber Timo Huber
as Boy Earl of Southampton
Richard Durden Richard Durden
as Archbishop
Shaun Lawton Shaun Lawton
as Footman
Detlef Bothe Detlef Bothe
as John De Vere
James Clyde James Clyde
as King James I
Christian Sengewald Christian Sengewald
as Cecil's Spy Servant
Jean-Loup Fourure Jean-Loup Fourure
as Monsieur Beaulieu
Victoria Gabrysch Victoria Gabrysch
as Buxom Lady
Axel Sichrovsky Axel Sichrovsky
as Essex General
Katrin Pollitt Katrin Pollitt
as Lady-in-Waiting
Patricia Grove Patricia Grove
as Lady-in-Waiting
Laura Lo Zito Laura Lo Zito
as Selling Maid
Gode Benedix Gode Benedix
as Groundling
Nic Romm Nic Romm
as Usher
Henry Lloyd-Hughes Henry Lloyd-Hughes
as Bear Baiter
Patrick Diemling Patrick Diemling
as Oxford's Servant
Patrick Heyn Patrick Heyn
as Oxford's Doctor
Nino Sandow Nino Sandow
as Stage Manager (New York)
Craig Salisbury Craig Salisbury
as Dwarf / Puck
Rainer Guldener Rainer Guldener
as Quince
Trystan Pütter Trystan Pütter
as Bottom
André Kaczmarczyk André Kaczmarczyk
as Titania
Jonas Hämmerle Jonas Hämmerle
as Child Oberon
Mike Maas Mike Maas
as Pole's Commander
Christian Leonard Christian Leonard
as Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Christian Banzhaf Christian Banzhaf
as Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Victoria Calero Victoria Calero
as Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Martin Engler Martin Engler
as Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Alfred Hartung Alfred Hartung
as Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Oliver Kube Oliver Kube
as Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Christian Ludwig Christian Ludwig
as Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Oliver Rickenbacher Oliver Rickenbacher
as Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Claudius von Stolzmann Claudius von Stolzmann
as Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Tjafke Biallowons Tjafke Biallowons
as Dancer
Dafne-Maria Fielder Dafne-Maria Fielder
as Dancer
Alexander Flache Alexander Flache
as Dancer
Antonia Gerke Antonia Gerke
as Dancer
Sophie Hichert Sophie Hichert
as Dancer
Vera Kreyer Vera Kreyer
as Dancer
Stefanie Lanius Stefanie Lanius
as Dancer
Urban Luig Urban Luig
as Dancer
Jasmin Mehling Jasmin Mehling
as Dancer
Elisabeth Milarch Elisabeth Milarch
as Dancer
Robert Munzinger Robert Munzinger
as Dancer
Benjamin Plath Benjamin Plath
as Dancer
Erik Studte Erik Studte
as Dancer
Johann Hakob Wurster Johann Hakob Wurster
as Dancer
Steffi Sattler Steffi Sattler
as First Lady to King James I (uncredited)
Roland Emmerich Roland Emmerich
John Orloff John Orloff
Roland Emmerich Roland Emmerich
Volker Engel Volker Engel
Executive Producer
Christoph Fisser Christoph Fisser
Robert Leger Robert Leger
Marcus Loges Marcus Loges
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Henning Molfenter Henning Molfenter
John Orloff John Orloff
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Marc Weigert Marc Weigert
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Costume Design
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