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I Can Quit Whenever I Want (2019)

I Can Quit Whenever I Want (2019)

Pedro, Arturo and Eligio are three college professors who lost their job because of economic crisis. Accidentally they find a solution for all of their problems; a multi-vitamin that allows them to party all night long without any side effects. The three professors will be launched into the world of nightclubs and the shady business, in order to market the merchandise. Of course, it seems that they are not as prepared for it as they thought.

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David Verdaguer David Verdaguer
as Pedro
Ernesto Alterio Ernesto Alterio
as Tacho
Ernesto Sevilla Ernesto Sevilla
as Arturo
Carlos Santos Carlos Santos
as Eligio
Cristina Castaño Cristina Castaño
as Isa
Amaia Salamanca Amaia Salamanca
as Gloria
Miren Ibarguren Miren Ibarguren
as Anabel
Gracia Olayo Gracia Olayo
as Eligio mother
Pedro Casablanc Pedro Casablanc
as Merino
Luis Varela Luis Varela
as Eligio father
Mero González Mero González
as Jota
Mario de la Rosa Mario de la Rosa
as Guardaespaldas
Roger Berruezo Roger Berruezo
as Borja
Cristian Paredes Cristian Paredes
as Latin King
Resu Morales Resu Morales
as Recicladora sexi
Carlos Therón Carlos Therón
Cristóbal Garrido Cristóbal Garrido
Adolfo Valor Adolfo Valor
Álvaro Augustín Álvaro Augustín
Ghislain Barrois Ghislain Barrois
Fernando Bovaira Fernando Bovaira
Urko Errazquin Urko Errazquin
Paloma Molina Paloma Molina
Executive Producer
Roberto Sessa Roberto Sessa
Executive Producer
Alberto de Toro Alberto de Toro
Ángel Iguácel Ángel Iguácel
Director of Photography
Claudia Montero Claudia Montero