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Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER (2018)

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER (2018)

In the world of Sougo Tokiwa and Sento Kiryu, their "companions" are losing their memories one after the other as they're replaced by other people. The Super Time Jacker, Tid , appears before them. He orders his powerful underlings, Another Double and Another Den-O, to pursue a young boy called Shingo. While fighting to protect Shingo, Sougo meets Ataru, a young man who loves Riders, but Ataru says that Kamen Riders aren't real. What is the meaning of those words? While the mystery deepens, the true enemy that Sougo and Sento must defeat appears in the Kuriogatake mountain...

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    I always wanted to watch this movie! Appreciate it so much for sharing a really funny thing! \(^-^)/

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    I watched the trailer from this movie, and it feels like an exilerating movie. With thanks such a lot of for posting!

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    I just now watched a clip from this movie, and it seems like a fun filled movie. Thanks much for posting!

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    thanks much to do this :D..Really appreciate your effort.

So Okuno So Okuno
as Sougo Tokiwa / Kamen Rider Zi-O
Atsuhiro Inukai Atsuhiro Inukai
as Sento Kiryu / Kamen Rider Build
Gaku Oshida Gaku Oshida
as Geiz Myoukouin / Kamen Rider Geiz
Eiji Akaso Eiji Akaso
as Ryuga Banjo / Kamen Rider Cross-Z
Keisuke Watanabe Keisuke Watanabe
as Woz
Shieri Ohata Shieri Ohata
as Tsukuyomi
Katsuhisa Namase Katsuhisa Namase
as Junichiro Tokiwa
Kouhei Takeda Kouhei Takeda
as Kazumi Sawatari / Kamen Rider Grease
Kensei Mikami Kensei Mikami
as Gentoku Himuro / Kamen Rider Rogue
Kaho Takada Kaho Takada
as Misora Isurugi
Nayuta Fukuzaki Nayuta Fukuzaki
as Ataru
Shunsuke Daitô Shunsuke Daitô
as Tid
Taiyo Saito Taiyo Saito
as Shingo
Kenichi Takito Kenichi Takito
as Futaros (voice)
Toshiki Kashû Toshiki Kashû
as Kamen Rider Agito (voice)
Takamasa Suga Takamasa Suga
as Kamen Rider Ryuki (voice)
Masahiro Inoue Masahiro Inoue
as Kamen Rider Decade (voice)
Shun Nishime Shun Nishime
as Kamen Rider Ghost (voice)
Takeru Satoh Takeru Satoh
as Ryotaro Nogami
Toshihiko Seki Toshihiko Seki
as Momotaros (voice)
Koji Yusa Koji Yusa
as Urataros (voice)
Masaki Terasoma Masaki Terasoma
as Kintaros (voice)
Kenichi Suzumura Kenichi Suzumura
as Ryutaros (voice)
Kenjiro Ishimaru Kenjiro Ishimaru
as Owner
Kento Shimoyama Kento Shimoyama
Kyouhei Yamaguchi Kyouhei Yamaguchi