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Milly & Mamet (2018)

Milly & Mamet (2018)

This is not Cinta & Rangga

Milly and Mamet are busy taking care of their baby. One day, Mamet met Alexandra, a close friend at college, who now had investors to finance the restaurant ideas they had once wanted together.

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  • Irwin Imai says :

    Important watch movie. 10/10.

  • Buford Benedetto says :

    Great movie, Worth to Watch! 9/10.

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    Now finished watching the movie. Thanks much for uploading this!

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    Video quality is absolutly awesome!

Sissy Priscillia Sissy Priscillia
as Milly
Dennis Adhiswara Dennis Adhiswara
as Mamet
Yoshi Sudarso Yoshi Sudarso
as James
Julie Estelle Julie Estelle
as Alex
Roy Marten Roy Marten
as Sony
Ernest Prakasa Ernest Prakasa
as Yongky
Dinda Kanyadewi Dinda Kanyadewi
as Lela
Surya Saputra Surya Saputra
as Rama
Isyana Sarasvati Isyana Sarasvati
as Rika
Ardit Erwandha Ardit Erwandha
as Robby
Eva Celia Eva Celia
as Jojo
Arafah Rianti Arafah Rianti
as Sari
Bintang Emon Bintang Emon
as Somat
Aci Resti Aci Resti
as Iin
Tike Priatnakusumah Tike Priatnakusumah
as Bi Sum
Melly Goeslaw Melly Goeslaw
as Mamah Itje
Dian Sastrowardoyo Dian Sastrowardoyo
as Cinta
Adinia Wirasti Adinia Wirasti
as Karmen
Titi Kamal Titi Kamal
as Maura
Muhadkly Acho Muhadkly Acho
as Hendra
Ernest Prakasa Ernest Prakasa
Mira Lesmana Mira Lesmana
Chand Parwez Servia Chand Parwez Servia
Ernest Prakasa Ernest Prakasa
Meira Anastasia Meira Anastasia
Meira Anastasia Meira Anastasia
Ryan Purwoko Ryan Purwoko
Andhika Triyadi Andhika Triyadi
Robby Herbi Robby Herbi
Director of Photography

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