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The Mystery of Snow Queen (2015)

The Mystery of Snow Queen (2015)

A new interpretation of the most known and beloved fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen - "Snow Queen"

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Anna Snatkina Anna Snatkina
as Snow Queen
Karl Markovics Karl Markovics
as Andersen
Anna Potebnya Anna Potebnya
as Gerda
Vladislav Novitsky Vladislav Novitsky
as Kai
Igor Petrenko Igor Petrenko
as Van
Inna Makarova Inna Makarova
as Oza
Pavel Gayduchenko Pavel Gayduchenko
as Yaleko
Aleksandr Novitskiy Aleksandr Novitskiy
as Kai 4 years old
Victoria Markina Victoria Markina
as The Maid Of Honor Of The Princess / Young Oza
Nadezhda Bakhtina Nadezhda Bakhtina
as Agnes
Vladimir Bagramov Vladimir Bagramov
as The Crow
Mariya Burlyaeva Mariya Burlyaeva
as The Tame Crow / The Troll Woman
Julia Burlyaeva Julia Burlyaeva
as The Queen
Dmitriy Kharatyan Dmitriy Kharatyan
as The King
Anastasia Matveeva Anastasia Matveeva
as The Princess
Aleksandr Siguev Aleksandr Siguev
as The Prince
Eldar Saifutinov Eldar Saifutinov
as Master Of Ceremonies
Alexandra Potekhina Alexandra Potekhina
as The Maid Of Honor Of The Queen
Sergey Gromov Sergey Gromov
as 1st Minister
Sergei Chislov Sergei Chislov
as 2nd Minister
Natalya Bondarchuk Natalya Bondarchuk
as Nenka
Vladimir Yumatov Vladimir Yumatov
as Numi
Natalya Bondarchuk Natalya Bondarchuk
Natalya Bondarchuk Natalya Bondarchuk

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