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The English Patient (1996)

The English Patient (1996)

In love, there are no boundaries.

In the 1930s, Count Almásy is a Hungarian map maker employed by the Royal Geographical Society to chart the vast expanses of the Sahara Desert along with several other prominent explorers. As World War II unfolds, Almásy enters into a world of love, betrayal, and politics.

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Ralph Fiennes Ralph Fiennes
as Count László de Almásy
Juliette Binoche Juliette Binoche
as Hana
Willem Dafoe Willem Dafoe
as David Caravaggio
Kristin Scott Thomas Kristin Scott Thomas
as Katharine Clifton
Naveen Andrews Naveen Andrews
as Sikh Kip
Colin Firth Colin Firth
as Geoffrey Clifton
Julian Wadham Julian Wadham
as Madox
Torri Higginson Torri Higginson
as Mary
Jürgen Prochnow Jürgen Prochnow
as Major Muller
Kevin Whately Kevin Whately
as Sgt. Hardy
Clive Merrison Clive Merrison
as Fenelon-Barnes
Nino Castelnuovo Nino Castelnuovo
as D'Agostino
Hichem Rostom Hichem Rostom
as Fouad
Peter Rühring Peter Rühring
as Bermann
Geordie Johnson Geordie Johnson
as Oliver
Liisa Repo-Martell Liisa Repo-Martell
as Jan
Raymond Coulthard Raymond Coulthard
as Rupert Douglas
Philip Whitchurch Philip Whitchurch
as Corporal Dade
Jason Done Jason Done
as Kiss Me Soldier
Roger Morlidge Roger Morlidge
as Sergeant - Desert Train
Simon Sherlock Simon Sherlock
as Private - Desert Train
Sebastian Schipper Sebastian Schipper
as Interrogation Room Soldier
Fritz Eggert Fritz Eggert
as Interrogation Room Soldier
Sonia Mankaï Sonia Mankaï
as Arab Nurse
Rim Turkhi Rim Turkhi
as Aicha
Sebastian Rudolph Sebastian Rudolph
as Officer In Square
Thoraya Sehill Thoraya Sehill
as Interpreter In Square
Sondos Belhassen Sondos Belhassen
as Woman with Baby In Square
Gregor Truter Gregor Truter
as Corporal - El Taj
Salah Miled Salah Miled
as Bedouin Doctor
Abdellatif Hamrouni Abdellatif Hamrouni
as Ancient Arab
Samy Azaiez Samy Azaiez
as Kamal
Habib Chetoui Habib Chetoui
as Al Auf
Philippa Day Philippa Day
as Officer's Wife
Amanda Walker Amanda Walker
as Lady Hampton
Paul Kant Paul Kant
as Sir Ronald Hampton
Matthew Ferguson Matthew Ferguson
as Young Canadian Soldier
Anthony Smee Anthony Smee
as Beach Interrogation Officer
Lee Ross Lee Ross
as Spalding
Dominic Mafham Dominic Mafham
as Officer - El Taj
Anthony Minghella Anthony Minghella
Saul Zaentz Saul Zaentz
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Executive Producer
Bob Weinstein Bob Weinstein
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Scott Greenstein Scott Greenstein
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Anthony Minghella Anthony Minghella
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