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The Bride (2013)

The Bride (2013)

150 years after she was raped and murdered on her wedding day, the Vengeful Spirit of Aiyana The Apache Warrior Princess comes back and possesses the body of a young bride that faced the same death as her. Fueled with unseen rage, The Bride rains down her gruesome vengeance upon those who took away her life and her true love.

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Henriette Riddervold Henriette Riddervold
as Kira
Lane Townsend Lane Townsend
as Harrison
Burt Culver Burt Culver
as Earl
Charles Campos Charles Campos
as Marco
Justin Nesbitt Justin Nesbitt
as Bobby Joe
Will David Jorden Will David Jorden
as Lee
Marcello Daciano Marcello Daciano
Marcello Daciano Marcello Daciano

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