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3: Alif Lam Mim (2015)

3: Alif Lam Mim (2015)

3 worlds collide for the bigger purpose

Jakarta 2036. Alif, Lam and Mim are three friends from martial art school Al-Ikhlas. Alif chooses to become state apparatus. He is determined to eradicate all forms of crime and searching for the killers of his parents. Lam, becomes a journalist. While Mim chooses to serve as a teacher in their school. All three are reunited after the explosion of a bomb in a cafe.

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Cornelio Sunny Cornelio Sunny
as Alif
Abimana Aryasatya Abimana Aryasatya
as Herlam
Agus Kuncoro Agus Kuncoro
as Mimbo
Prisia Nasution Prisia Nasution
as Laras
Tika Bravani Tika Bravani
as Gendis
Donny Alamsyah Donny Alamsyah
as Bima
Arswendi Nasution Arswendi Nasution
as KH Muchlis
Bima Azriel Bima Azriel
as Gilang
Cecep Arif Rahman Cecep Arif Rahman
as Guru
Piet Pagau Piet Pagau
as Kol Mason
Arie K. Untung Arie K. Untung
Anggy Umbara Anggy Umbara
Dicky R. Maland Dicky R. Maland
Anggy Umbara Anggy Umbara
Anggy Umbara Anggy Umbara
Bounty Umbara Bounty Umbara
Fajar Umbara Fajar Umbara

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