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The Down (2015)

The Down (2015)

A well-known Thai writer/publisher Nong Wongthanong travelled to Italy last year. During the trip he saw several people with Down syndrome living a normal life, mingling with "ordinary" people in society. He looks back at his home country of Thailand and wonders; Why doesn't he see people with Down syndrome in everyday life, walking the street and being a part of society? He begins his research, and soon befriends 5 teenagers with Down syndrome: Pan, Beer, Bank and twin sisters Om and An. Wongthanong spends a year hanging out with the four young people. Along the way, something stirs in him. And as he understands them more, he is touched by their stories - the stories of bad luck, of noble struggles, and the bond of family. The four young people change the way he looks at the world forever. "The Down" is the first Thai documentary about Down syndrome persons. Upon its release in Thailand, it sparks a wide interest and debate on the subject as no film has ever done before.

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    Extremely important watch movie. 10/10.

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    Fairly slow at the start but definitely worth the watch.

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    thank you so much for sharing, photograph looking to look out this for awhile.

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    god bless u, i often finally watch this movie

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