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Clarisse or Something About Us (2015)

Clarisse or Something About Us (2015)

The dry quarry and a forest that still beats. A very sick father reviews the daughter. Resentments are brought to the table. The memory of the dead awakened by blood, objects, shadows and dreams affects Clarisse at this scenario of beauty and agony. Husband and business are expecting she in the city for a cathartic outcome.

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Sabrina Greve Sabrina Greve
as Clarisse
Everaldo Pontes Everaldo Pontes
as Samuel
Veronica Cavalcanti Veronica Cavalcanti
as Caetana
David Wendefilm David Wendefilm
as Joseph
Débora Ingrid Débora Ingrid
as Babysitter
Tabata Nery Tabata Nery
as Cecília
Petrus Cariry Petrus Cariry
Petrus Cariry Petrus Cariry
Rosemberg Cariry Rosemberg Cariry
Firmino Holanda Firmino Holanda

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