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Hello, It's Me (2015)

Hello, It's Me (2015)

Two years after her husband dies in a sudden accident, Annie and her two children are left to cope with the loss. Annie can't imagine falling in love again, until she meets a wealthy bachelor who is drawn to her free spirit. Afraid to love again, she longs for guidance when she starts to develop feelings for this new man. Her prayers are answered when she starts receiving communications from her late husband that encourage her to follow her heart.

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  • Buford Benedetto says :

    thanks lots of this :D..Really appreciate your effort.

  • Stanley Stahl says :

    I never expected that movie can be uploaded on this site

  • Grant Gin says :

    god bless u, we can finally watch this movie

  • Pa Parenti says :

    Slightly slow before you start but definitely worth the watch.

  • Carita Clatterbuck says :

    Hope this video lives up to each of the hype

  • Caryn Cobian says :

    A must watch movie. 10/10.

Kellie Martin Kellie Martin
as Annie
Kavan Smith Kavan Smith
as James
Erin Pitt Erin Pitt
as Ella
Rachael Crawford Rachael Crawford
as Ericka
Chad Connell Chad Connell
as Andre
Janet-Laine Green Janet-Laine Green
as Lillian
Mark Jean Mark Jean
Julie Sherman Wolfe Julie Sherman Wolfe
Frank Siracusa Frank Siracusa
Executive Producer
Andrea Raffaghello Andrea Raffaghello

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