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Kleine Ziege, sturer Bock (2015)

Kleine Ziege, sturer Bock (2015)

No job is too absurd for Jakob: in a glitter suit with stick-on sideburns, he sings Elvis Presley songs for crooning old ladies - not exactly the musical Olympics, but he needs the money. Now Jakob has the job of transporting a valuable stud ram to Norway by car, because the ram doesn't like flying. Just before he sets off, Jakob's long-forgotten lover Julia calls and announces the arrival of her-their-12-year-old daughter May. The stubborn teenager has taken it into her head to visit the father she has never met. So May has to come along to Norway too. However, with an angrily bleating ram in the back and an arrogant 'goat' in the passenger seat, Jakob has much more than he can cope with.

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  • Irwin Imai says :

    Now finished watching the movie. Thanks very much for uploading this!

  • Lyman Lipps says :

    A tad slow at the start but well worth the watch.

  • Isaac Ishibashi says :

    Many thanks for uploading this movie.My partner and i fun watching it , this is a plus, this format works for me and never buffer

  • Kendall Kovats says :

    Many thanks that post this movie given our budget

  • Jerold Jonson says :

    omg I needed this movie! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dalila Derosia says :

    thank you so much plenty of for uploading this movie

Wotan Wilke Möhring Wotan Wilke Möhring
as Jakob
Sofia Bolotina Sofia Bolotina
as Mai
Julia Koschitz Julia Koschitz
as Julia
Wanda Perdelwitz Wanda Perdelwitz
as Pflegerin Seniorenheim
Karin Heine Karin Heine
as Jakobs Mutter
Tilo Prückner Tilo Prückner
as Jakobs Vater
Oliver Törner Oliver Törner
as Kurierunternehmer
Andreas Windhuis Andreas Windhuis
as Schafzüchter
Johannes Fabrick Johannes Fabrick
Petra Katharina Wagner Petra Katharina Wagner

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