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The Waiting Room (2015)

The Waiting Room (2015)

Jasmin, once a successful actor in former Yugoslavia, dreams of returning to Sarajevo to continue his career, but fears losing his son Daniel if he follows through with his plan.

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Cynthia Ashperger Cynthia Ashperger
as Azra
Jordan Barker Jordan Barker
as Jordan Barker Jordan Barker ...
Jordan Barker Jordan Barker
as O.S. Director #2
Tatjana Cornij Tatjana Cornij
as Melisa
Cameron Cox Cameron Cox
as Hiker Man (Installation)
Peter DaCunha Peter DaCunha
as Soccer boy
Ma-Anne Dionisio Ma-Anne Dionisio
as Patricia
Linette Doherty Linette Doherty
as 1st A.D.
Karrenga Edwards Karrenga Edwards
as O.S. Director #1
Cynthia Gagne Cynthia Gagne
as Daughter (Installation)
Emir Geljo Emir Geljo
as Jasmin's Father
Filip Geljo Filip Geljo
as Dan
Jasmin Geljo Jasmin Geljo
as Jasmin
Ruby Gillett Ruby Gillett
as Hiker Woman (Installation)
Elijha Hammill Elijha Hammill
as Dan's Friend 2
Nicholas Hamzea Nicholas Hamzea
as Dan's Friend 1
Christopher Jacot Christopher Jacot
as Derek
Željko Kecojević Željko Kecojević
as Zoran
Masa Lizdek Masa Lizdek
as Daughter
Inka Malovic Inka Malovic
as Svetlena
Danijel Mandic Danijel Mandic
as Paramilitary Man 2
Goran Slavkovic Goran Slavkovic
as Miro / Soldier
Goran Stjepanovic Goran Stjepanovic
as Paramilitary Man 1
Maria Syrgiannis Maria Syrgiannis
as O.S. Casting Director
Dragana Varagić Dragana Varagić
as Jasmin's Sister
Nicholas Vilord Nicholas Vilord
as Son (Installation)
Daniela Vlaskalic Daniela Vlaskalic
as Vanja
Michelle Zlomislic Michelle Zlomislic
as Wife (Installation)
Sofie Uretsky Sofie Uretsky
as Make-up (Installation)
Igor Drljaca Igor Drljaca
Igor Drljaca Igor Drljaca
Roland Echavarria Roland Echavarria
Director of Photography
Ajla Odobasic Ajla Odobasic
Joanne Boreham Joanne Boreham
Albert Shin Albert Shin
Igor Drljaca Igor Drljaca
Borga Dorter Borga Dorter
Jordan Barker Jordan Barker
Munire Armstrong Munire Armstrong

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