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The Virgin Psychics (2015)

The Virgin Psychics (2015)

A high-school student Yoshiro has never got a spotlight in his life and spends his days aimlessly. What only shines in his life is a girl Sae at his school. Even if being completely disregarded by her, he still dreams of becoming her true love in the future. One day, he finds himself having a mind-reading psychic power. As he looks around, there seem more psychics born in the city, and somehow they are all virgins! One uses his psychokinetic power to fulfill his sexual desire or turns into a flasher using teleportation ability... On the arrival of the psychics like Yoshiro, the city gets gradually infested with the erotic terrorism evoked by a mysterious group. Knowing he has never got any attention from the girl of his dreams, Yoshiro determines to use his power to save the world from this steamy chaos and show off what he has got to the love of his life!

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  • Wesley Wynter says :

    Thanks a lot that post this movie given our budget

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    love this movie

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    thank u..... for upload this movie. That is my in history fav. movie to. Thank u so much.

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    Hope this video lives up to all the hype

Shota Sometani Shota Sometani
as Yoshio Kamogawa
Erina Mano Erina Mano
as Sae Asami
Megumi Kagurazaka Megumi Kagurazaka
as Takako Akiyama
Ken Yasuda Ken Yasuda
as Takahiro Asami
Motoki Fukami Motoki Fukami
as Yosuke Enomoto
Reiya Masaki Reiya Masaki
as Naoya Yabe
Elaiza Ikeda Elaiza Ikeda
as Miyuki Hirano
Makita Sports Makita Sports
as Terumitsu Nagano
Maryjun Takahashi Maryjun Takahashi
as Aiko Polnareff
Tokio Emoto Tokio Emoto
as Yasu
Ami Tomite Ami Tomite
as Akiko Kamiya
Ai Shinozaki Ai Shinozaki
as Keiko
Mizuki Hoshina Mizuki Hoshina
as Taeko
Mika Akizuki Mika Akizuki
as Yuko
Rika Hoshina Rika Hoshina
as Saya
Anna Konno Anna Konno
as Mitsuko Mitsui
Airi Shimizu Airi Shimizu
as Shizuka
Tomomi Itano Tomomi Itano
as Eri
Rena Shimura Rena Shimura
as Mano
Sion Sono Sion Sono
Sion Sono Sion Sono
Kiminori Wakasugi Kiminori Wakasugi