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Meet Me in Venice (2015)

Meet Me in Venice (2015)

Becoming father and daughter in one week

Liza is a young Dutch woman who travels to Venice to meet her Italian father Mauro. Mauro has not seen Liza since she was three years old, when he and Liza’s mother decided to split up. Mauro has traveled the world since as a musician. When Liza is in Venice it turns out there is more in store than just a couple of days in Venice. He takes Liza on a musical voyage along the route of the Orient Express. A trip that will eventually take them to Istanbul.

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Beppe Costa Beppe Costa
as Mauro
Roberta Petzoldt Roberta Petzoldt
as Liza
Nikola Rakočević Nikola Rakočević
as Dragan
Lidija Stevanović Lidija Stevanović
as Martina
Meral Polat Meral Polat
as Ayse
Goran Radaković Goran Radaković
as Truckdriver
Jerelino Augustuszoon Jerelino Augustuszoon
as Dylan
Riquel Gilliard Riquel Gilliard
as Mike
Eddy Terstall Eddy Terstall
Eddy Terstall Eddy Terstall
Erik Wünsch Erik Wünsch
Peggy Stein Peggy Stein
San Fu Maltha San Fu Maltha
Bruno Felix Bruno Felix
Femke Wolting Femke Wolting