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Johan Falk: Blodsdiamanter (2015)

Johan Falk: Blodsdiamanter (2015)

GSI follow up a weapon trail that leads right into Kavkaz mafia headquarters on the west coast. GSI member Niklas Saxlid is the one in the group who is specialized in undercover operations, and he has penetrated Kavkaz' activities. But suddenly something happens and Niklas disappears.

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Jakob Eklund Jakob Eklund
as Johan Falk
Jens Hultén Jens Hultén
as Seth Rydell
Alexander Karim Alexander Karim
as Niklas Saxlid
Christian Svensson Christian Svensson
as Ramzan
Meliz Karlge Meliz Karlge
as Sophie Nordh
Björn Bengtsson Björn Bengtsson
as Jack Rolander
Mårten Svedberg Mårten Svedberg
as Vidar Pettersson
Aliette Opheim Aliette Opheim
as Madeleine Wiik
Henrik Lundström Henrik Lundström
as Leffi
Mikael Tornving Mikael Tornving
as Patrik Agrell
Peter Franzén Peter Franzén
as Milo Mikhailov
Christian Brandin Christian Brandin
as Conny Lloyd
Jonas Bane Jonas Bane
as Bill
Ivan Mathias Petersson Ivan Mathias Petersson
as Artem
Marie Richardson Marie Richardson
as Helén Falk
Jonatan Rodriguez Jonatan Rodriguez
as Renato
Lukas Loughran Lukas Loughran
as Zacke
Mahmut Suvakci Mahmut Suvakci
as Ali Mahmoud Hansson
Zeljko Santrac Zeljko Santrac
as Matte
Małgorzata Pieczyńska Małgorzata Pieczyńska
as Ryska kvinnan
Semir Chatty Semir Chatty
as Mairbek
Anders Gustavsson Anders Gustavsson
as Viktor Eriksen
Vuksan Rovcanin Vuksan Rovcanin
as Vasilj
Ulf Stenberg Ulf Stenberg
as Bamse
Mikael Spreitz Mikael Spreitz
as Danne
Leo Wande Leo Wande
as Mikael
Magnus Mark Magnus Mark
as Ossian
Daniel Larsson Daniel Larsson
as Björkman
Erik Bolin Erik Bolin
as Ullbrandt
Johan Hedenberg Johan Hedenberg
as Örjan
Jack Beijer Jack Beijer
as Roony
Alvina Nilsson Alvina Nilsson
as Luna
Janette Cohen Janette Cohen
as Yael
Johan Hultman Johan Hultman
as Manne-Dussin
Ulrika Nilsson Ulrika Nilsson
as Nyhetsuppläsare TV4
Alexander Gustafsson Alexander Gustafsson
as Polisinsatschef
Carl-Johan Persson Carl-Johan Persson
as Vakt på nattklubb
Shaya Khalil Shaya Khalil
as Mattes teknikassistent #1
Niclas Löwstedt Niclas Löwstedt
as Mattes teknikassistent #2
Helene Thimoteusson Helene Thimoteusson
as Socialarbetare på fängelset
Imali Miserbiev Imali Miserbiev
as Föreståndaren MMA-gymmet
Peter Lindmark Peter Lindmark
Peter Lindmark Peter Lindmark
Anders Nilsson Anders Nilsson
Joakim Hansson Joakim Hansson