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Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser (2015)

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser (2015)

Go Hick Yourself

When happy family man Joe Dirt finds himself transported to the recent past, he begins an epic journey to get back to his loved ones in the present.

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David Spade David Spade
as Joe Dirt
Brittany Daniel Brittany Daniel
as Brandy
Dennis Miller Dennis Miller
as Zander Kelly
Christopher Walken Christopher Walken
as Clem
Adam Beach Adam Beach
as Kicking Wing
Patrick Warburton Patrick Warburton
as Foggle/Guardian Angel
Mark McGrath Mark McGrath
as Jimmy
Mariana Paola Vicente Mariana Paola Vicente
as Flight Attendant #2
Charlotte McKinney Charlotte McKinney
as Missy
Toby Bronson Toby Bronson
as Toby
Ron Flagge Ron Flagge
as Blake
Rhonda Johnson Dents Rhonda Johnson Dents
as Galinda (as Rhonda Dents)
Tracy Weisert Tracy Weisert
as Woman
Natalia Cigliuti Natalia Cigliuti
as Dr. Sue
Scott L. Schwartz Scott L. Schwartz
as Giant Man
Erica Ibsen Erica Ibsen
as Nurse Finch
Jeff DeRouen Jeff DeRouen
as Anesthesiologist
Dan Mott Dan Mott
as Janitor
Allison Gobuzzi Allison Gobuzzi
as Abilene
Lauren Gobuzzi Lauren Gobuzzi
as Cheyenne
Chloe Guidry Chloe Guidry
as Dakota
Jeremy Sande Jeremy Sande
as Friend of Jimmy
Henry Frost Henry Frost
as Logger Cody
Peter Jaymes Peter Jaymes
as Logger (as Peter Smith)
Chip Carriere Chip Carriere
as Logger
Ryan Core Ryan Core
as Logger
Willy Ray Core Willy Ray Core
as Logger
Dallas T. Taylor Dallas T. Taylor
as Lucky Louie (as Dallas Taylor)
James W. Evermore James W. Evermore
as Mean Marvin (as James Evermore)
James Moses Black James Moses Black
as Bubba
Adam Eget Adam Eget
as 1965 Buffalo Bob
Charlie Talbert Charlie Talbert
as Passerby
Troy Romzek Troy Romzek
as Tommy
Dex Carvey Dex Carvey
as Andy
Micky Shiloah Micky Shiloah
as Jock
Chadwick Armstrong Chadwick Armstrong
as Jock
Maria Quinones Maria Quinones
as Mrs. Yauch (as Maria Quiñones)
Terry Ray Terry Ray
as Mr. Yauch
Kimberly Rose Kimberly Rose
as Rory's Sister
Leah M. Clark Leah M. Clark
as Jill
Brian Tanke Brian Tanke
as Sheriff Thomas
Taylor Wilcox Taylor Wilcox
as Deputy Lance
Errol McDowell Errol McDowell
as Bob Burns
Caleb Spillyards Caleb Spillyards
as Gary Rossington
Matthew Curry Matthew Curry
as Ronnie Van Zandt
B.J. Grogan B.J. Grogan
as Rail Hobo (as BJ Grogan)
Pollyanna Uruena Pollyanna Uruena
as Katrina
Brittany Brousseau Brittany Brousseau
as Babe
Pedro Lucero Pedro Lucero
as Man (Thug)
Molly Wolf Molly Wolf
as 1977 Beach Girl
Sara Fiona Wolf Sara Fiona Wolf
as 1977 Beach Girl (as Sarah Wolf)
Ryan Miningham Ryan Miningham
as Co-Pilot
David Zaugh David Zaugh
as Vinny
Baron Davis Baron Davis
as 1977 Doctor
Minnie Goode Minnie Goode
as Beatrice
Tony Bentley Tony Bentley
as Clerk
Kevin Farley Kevin Farley
as Cal (as Kevin Farley)
Brian Clark Brian Clark
as Brian
Zack Kahn Zack Kahn
as Rocker Zack
Ricky Gray Ricky Gray
as Mumbly
Roger J. Timber Roger J. Timber
as Bodyguard
Caitlin Chapman Caitlin Chapman
as Caitlin
Chris Angerdina Chris Angerdina
as Cameraman
Sue-Lynn Ansari Sue-Lynn Ansari
as Hollywood musician
Jason Bayle Jason Bayle
as Mr. Yauch
Tony Beard Tony Beard
as TV News Producer
Bryan Blasingame Bryan Blasingame
as Roadie
Jack Bushong Jack Bushong
as Airline Passenger
Ron Centanni Ron Centanni
as Biker
Devin Lord Chachere Devin Lord Chachere
as Concert Audience Member
Rebecca Chulew Rebecca Chulew
as Bridesmaid
Michelle DeVito Michelle DeVito
as Drive-in Employee
Jen Guitreau Jen Guitreau
as Bridesmaid
Candice Harrison Candice Harrison
as 1965 Kid
Julia Holt Julia Holt
as Partygoer
Bettina Kenney Bettina Kenney
as (voice)
Steve Kish Steve Kish
as Concert Goer / 70s Pedestrian
John C. Klein John C. Klein
as Airplane Passenger
Melissa LeEllen Melissa LeEllen
as Emily
Jillian Nelson Jillian Nelson
as Ashleen
Jenna Osterlund Jenna Osterlund
as Classy Lady
Tony Pallo Tony Pallo
as Mafia goomba
Robert Pekel Robert Pekel
as Mafia Goomba
Matthew Sligh Matthew Sligh
as Rough Kid
Lisa Ann Smith Lisa Ann Smith
as Bridesmaid
Curry Stone Curry Stone
as The Jock
Richard Blake Suarez Richard Blake Suarez
as Rocker
Daryl Thibodaux Daryl Thibodaux
as Wedding party
Jasmine Waltz Jasmine Waltz
as Boxcar Woman
Jessica Lemon Wilkinson Jessica Lemon Wilkinson
as Mrs. Yauch
Cameron Worthen Cameron Worthen
as Friend of Jimmy
Fred Wolf Fred Wolf
David Spade David Spade
Timothy A. Burton Timothy A. Burton
Joseph McCasland Joseph McCasland
Josh Einsohn Josh Einsohn
Cecil Gentry Cecil Gentry
Production Design
John Richoux John Richoux
Production Design
Jessica Navran Jessica Navran
Art Direction
John Richoux John Richoux
Set Decoration
Kim Martínez Kim Martínez
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design