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B/W (2015)

B/W (2015)

Nurick and Yaroslav are trying to robe a criminal boss. Unfortunately Nurick dies but returns to the world with a mission: to be the guardian angel of Yaroslav.

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  • Wesley Wynter says :

    Thanks that post this movie for all of us

  • Theodore Torgerson says :

    love this movie

  • Demetrius Decarlo says :

    Rather slow at the beginning but definitely worth the watch.

  • Derick Darrington says :

    thanks a whole lot for the :D..Really appreciate your effort.

  • Dalila Derosia says :

    Great movie, Worth to Watch! 9/10.

  • Denise Dilbeck says :

    I'm sure that for these types of movie you ought to appreciate the visual effects

Aleksey Chadov Aleksey Chadov
as Ярослав
Merab Ninidze Merab Ninidze
as Нурик
Sergei Makovetsky Sergei Makovetsky
as Алхан
Yekaterina Rednikova Yekaterina Rednikova
as Тамара
Kakhi Kavsadze Kakhi Kavsadze
as Grandfaher Magomed
Andrey Rudensky Andrey Rudensky
as Глеб
Aleksandr Golovin Aleksandr Golovin
as Вадик
Igor Jijikine Igor Jijikine
as начальник РОВД
John Bakhanbaev John Bakhanbaev
as driver-asian
Binke Anisimov Binke Anisimov
Alexandr Sukhinin Alexandr Sukhinin
as warden Sanych
Evgeny Shelyakin Evgeny Shelyakin
Vladimir Maslov Vladimir Maslov
Associate Producer
Ibragim Magomedov Ibragim Magomedov
Ibragim Magomedov Ibragim Magomedov
Evgeny Shelyakin Evgeny Shelyakin
Andrey Galanov Andrey Galanov
Binke Anisimov Binke Anisimov

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