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Jackrabbit (2015)

Jackrabbit (2015)

Following a worldwide event known as The Reset, humanity rebuilds a society with aging mechanics where gleaming technology once stood. Surveillance now the status quo, society is slowly putting its shattered pieces back together under a watchful eye. After a friend’s suicide leaves behind a mysterious computer drive, a young computer prodigy and a shadowy hacker join together to decipher the clues that he’s left behind. The youthful creators of Jackrabbit have successfully constructed a world, which we haven’t previously seen on film. Mixing retro production design with slick storytelling, they deliver a cinematic dissonance that will result in a shock to the senses.

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Josh Caras Josh Caras
as Simon
Ian Christopher Noel Ian Christopher Noel
as Max
Joslyn Jensen Joslyn Jensen
as Grace
Reed Birney Reed Birney
as Paul Bateson
Robert Ansley Robert Ansley
as Simon's Father
Cameron Covert Cameron Covert
as Dream Girl
Regina Ting Chen Regina Ting Chen
as Patrol Woman
Graham Cumberbatch Graham Cumberbatch
as Stephen Greyerson
Jennifer Cumberbatch Jennifer Cumberbatch
as Cynthia Gryerson
Cinda Donovan Cinda Donovan
as Samantha Ross
Alexandria Payne Alexandria Payne
as Laura
Sarah Coltman Sarah Coltman
as Max's Neighbor
Carleton Ranney Carleton Ranney
Carleton Ranney Carleton Ranney
Destin Douglas Destin Douglas
Will Berman Will Berman
Olivia Peebles Olivia Peebles
Art Direction
Ashley Connor Ashley Connor
Director of Photography