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The Heroes of Evil (2015)

The Heroes of Evil (2015)

Three teenagers, brought together from bullying, indulge in petty theft, sex and drugs. They inevitably realize they can resort to violence to take revenge on everyone who has humiliated them: students, teachers and other outcasts. One of them escalates to killing, and desires to kill again. Anyone can become his next victim. The other two face the question: should they resort to violence to stop the killings?

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    Essential watch movie. 10/10.

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    I always wanted to watch this movie! Thanks a lot plenty of for sharing this sort of funny thing! \(^-^)/

Emilio Palacios Emilio Palacios
as Esteban
Jorge Clemente Jorge Clemente
as Aritz
Beatriz Medina Beatriz Medina
as Sarita
Macarena Gómez Macarena Gómez
as Trini
Olivia Baglivi Olivia Baglivi
as Laura
Nacho Coronado Nacho Coronado
as Raúl
Paula Soldevila Paula Soldevila
as La Sargento
Zoe Berriatúa Zoe Berriatúa
Zoe Berriatúa Zoe Berriatúa