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Requirements to Be a Normal Person (2015)

Requirements to Be a Normal Person (2015)

Maria is 30 years old, she is a peculiar person and has one goal: become a normal person. But first of all she must discover what is exactly this. Which kind of person is she? Is she a normal person? What does exactly means? That question goes deeper into her mind. After she lists every requirements, she proposes to reach them. In that journey she will find her brother's help, Alex, a 25 years old boy who is mentally challenged and achieves every list requirements. She meets Borja as well, a boy obsessed with diets and lose weight. They will make a curious pact: she helps him to live an active and healthy live, and he helps her to meet her goal: become a normal person.

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Leticia Dolera Leticia Dolera
as Maria
Manuel Burque Manuel Burque
as Borja
Miki Esparbé Miki Esparbé
as Gustavo
Alexandra Jiménez Alexandra Jiménez
as Cristina
David Verdaguer David Verdaguer
as Juan
Núria Gago Núria Gago
as Noelia
Sílvia Munt Sílvia Munt
as Bárbara
Carmen Machi Carmen Machi
as Luisa
José Luis García Pérez José Luis García Pérez
Jorge Suquet Jorge Suquet
as Pablo
Blanca Apilánez Blanca Apilánez
as Estefania
Leticia Dolera Leticia Dolera
Leticia Dolera Leticia Dolera
Mireia Juárez Mireia Juárez
Laia Ateca Laia Ateca
Art Direction
Marta Sánchez Marta Sánchez
Production Manager
Paco Plaza Paco Plaza
Executive Producer