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Shoot Me in the Heart (2015)

Shoot Me in the Heart (2015)

Soo-myung and Seung-min, both 25 years old, meet for the first time at Soori Hope Hospital, a run-down psychiatric facility located on a mountain. Soo-myung has been institutionalized since he was nineteen after the trauma caused by his mother's suicide, and has a phobia of scissors. Seung-min is sane and a champion paraglider, but was forcibly committed by his greedy half-brother to get Seung-min's share of the family inheritance. Soo-myung is a model patient, peacefully and passively spending his days in the hospital despite its abusive nurses, unlike Seung-min, who is a walking time bomb. Soon, Soo-myung gets roped into Seung-min's reckless plan to break out of the hospital.

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Lee Min-ki Lee Min-ki
as Seung-min
Yeo Jin-goo Yeo Jin-goo
as Soo-myung
Yu Oh-seong Yu Oh-seong
as Choi Ki-hoon
Kim Jung-tae Kim Jung-tae
as Kim Yong
Shin Goo Shin Goo
as Mountain teacher
Han Hye-rin Han Hye-rin
as Yoon Bo-ra
Kim Bo-ra Kim Bo-ra
as Eun-yi
Yun Yeong-keol Yun Yeong-keol
as NIS agent
Mun Chee Yong Mun Chee Yong
Mun Chee Yong Mun Chee Yong
Jeon Yun-su Jeon Yun-su
Lee Kang-Jin Lee Kang-Jin
Jeong You-jeong Jeong You-jeong
Park  Kyoung-suk Park Kyoung-suk
Lee Gang-jin Lee Gang-jin
Cho Yong-kyu Cho Yong-kyu
Director of Photography
Kim Jun-seok Kim Jun-seok