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Nothing in Return (2015)

Nothing in Return (2015)

One summer, Dario flees the hellish environment of his home. Luismi, unconditional friend, a poor devil with pretensions of winning, and Antonia, an old woman who collects abandoned his motorcar furniture, become his new family. Three generations living together in a city too big to be alone.

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Miguel Herrán Miguel Herrán
as Darío
Antonio Bachiller Antonio Bachiller
as Luismi
Antonia Guzmán Antonia Guzmán
as Antonia
Felipe Vélez Felipe Vélez
as Justo Caralimpia
Luis Tosar Luis Tosar
as Padre Darío
María Miguel María Miguel
as Madre Darío
Miguel Rellán Miguel Rellán
as Profesor
Adelfa Calvo Adelfa Calvo
as Madre Luismi
Antonio Bachiller Antonio Bachiller
as Padre Luismi
Patricia Santos Patricia Santos
as Alicia
Iris Alpañez Iris Alpañez
as Hermana Darío
Fernando Albizu Fernando Albizu
as Matías
Manolo Caro Manolo Caro
as Empleado Motostión
Assilk Marenoff Assilk Marenoff
as Portero discoteca
Lara Sajen Lara Sajen
as Profesional sexo
Álex Barahona Álex Barahona
as Policía taller
Mariano Llorente Mariano Llorente
as Inspector interrogatorio
Carlos Olalla Carlos Olalla
as Juez
Beatriz Argüello Beatriz Argüello
as Fiscal
Sebastián Haro Sebastián Haro
as Abogado acusación
Gadea Quintana Gadea Quintana
as Secretaria judicial
Óscar Méndez Óscar Méndez
as Secretario judicial
María José Lara María José Lara
as Policía detención
Javier García Javier García
as Policía detención
Eduardo Herrero Eduardo Herrero
as Abogado Maellas
Cristina Jover Cristina Jover
as Secretaria
José Antonio Martínez José Antonio Martínez
as Mendigo
Marina Salazar Marina Salazar
as Chica discoteca
Luis Zahera Luis Zahera
as Policía municipal
Roberto Álvarez Roberto Álvarez
as Abogado Darío
Daniel Guzmán Daniel Guzmán
Daniel Guzmán Daniel Guzmán
Josu Inchaustegui Josu Inchaustegui
Director of Photography