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Butterfly (2015)

Butterfly (2015)

Do you believe in parallel universes?

A butterfly, a creature symbolising rebirth and a new beginning, epitomises Romina’s and Germán’s world, a world that consists of two parallel realities. In one of them they grow up as siblings who desire each other and try to give shape to their love without sexual fulfilment; in the other they are a young man and woman who form an awkward friendship instead of succumbing to their feelings for each other. Germán finds himself in a discordant relationship with Mariela. Mariela’s brother is interested in Bruno. Bruno is with Romina, but wants to be with Germán. Playfully alternating between these two realities, the lovers find themselves drawn into ever new couplings in order to explore their intuitive feelings – cautiously, but at the same time prepared to lose everything.

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Ailín Salas Ailín Salas
as Romina
Javier De Pietro Javier De Pietro
as Germán
Julián Infantino Julián Infantino
as Bruno
Malena Villa Malena Villa
as Mariela
Justo Calabria Justo Calabria
as Juan Pablo
María Laura Cali María Laura Cali
as Madre Germán adulta
Jorge Díez Jorge Díez
as Padre Germán adulto
Pilar Fridman Pilar Fridman
as Madre Romina joven
Alejandra Herren Alejandra Herren
as Madre Romina adulta
Ezequiel Almeida Ezequiel Almeida
as Padre Germán joven
Manuela Iseas Manuela Iseas
as Madre Germán joven
Javier Ulises Maestro Javier Ulises Maestro
as Padre Mariela
Camila Romagnolo Camila Romagnolo
as Amiguita Germán
Santos Diego Bautista Santos Diego Bautista
as Germán niño
Antonia De Michelis Antonia De Michelis
as Vendedora
Lala Mendía Lala Mendía
as Madre Mariela
Nahuel de Anna Nahuel de Anna
as Chico plaza
Pedro Irusta Pedro Irusta
Marco Berger Marco Berger
Marco Berger Marco Berger
Tomás Pérez Silva Tomás Pérez Silva
Director of Photography
Sebastián Rosés Sebastián Rosés
Art Direction
Néstor Pumar Néstor Pumar
Costume & Make-Up
Makeup Designer
Araceli Farace Araceli Farace
Costume & Make-Up
Makeup Artist
Jerónimo Torres Jerónimo Torres
Camera Operator
Jimena Labraña Jimena Labraña
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Christian Lemcke Christian Lemcke
Sound Recordist
Adrián de Michele Adrián de Michele
Sound Director
Aníbal Girbal Aníbal Girbal
Sound Director