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We Accept Miracles (2015)

We Accept Miracles (2015)

Fulvio is the only one of the three brothers to have left the village to go to work in the city. Deputy chief of staff in a large company, he dismisses people without remorse until he gets fired himself and after being jailed for beating his superior, is entrusted to his brother, who's a pastor in the village where they grew up. Forced into a place far from the modern world, Fulvio decides to help the local church in crisis by inventing a miracle that makes everyone believe that the saint's statue weeps. Tourists and pilgrims rush to the village and are filling the pockets of local businesses until the Vatican decides to send someone to certify the event. Fulvio must confess the scam, but the entire village will rise to convince the envoys of the Holy City for the veracity of the invented miracle.

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Alessandro Siani Alessandro Siani
as Fulvio Canfora
Fabio De Luigi Fabio De Luigi
as Don Germano Canfora
Serena Autieri Serena Autieri
as Adele Canfora
Ana Caterina Morariu Ana Caterina Morariu
as Chiara
Giovanni Esposito Giovanni Esposito
as Vittorio
Giacomo Rizzo Giacomo Rizzo
as Carmine
Salvatore Misticone Salvatore Misticone
as candidato al miracolo
Gennaro Di Biase Gennaro Di Biase
as Candidato al miracolo
Loredana Simioli Loredana Simioli
as Candidata al miracolo
Lello Musella Lello Musella
as 1° Chierichetto Ultrà
Pasquale Palma Pasquale Palma
as 2° Chierichetto Ultrà
Paolo Triestino Paolo Triestino
as Esaminatore commissione vaticana
Massimiliano Gallo Massimiliano Gallo
as Galliano
Francesco Procopio Francesco Procopio
as Umberto
Ciro Giustiniani Ciro Giustiniani
as Un pellegrino
Francesco Bocchetti Francesco Bocchetti
as Francesco detto "Mariolino"
Andrea Canfora Andrea Canfora
as Andrea
Gennaro Guazzo Gennaro Guazzo
as Sandrino
Enzo Casertano Enzo Casertano
as Staiano
Stefano Fregni Stefano Fregni
as Straniero tatuato
Miloud Mourad Benamara Miloud Mourad Benamara
as Karim
Antonio Sepe Antonio Sepe
as Antonio
Michael Uwaifo Olabiyi Michael Uwaifo Olabiyi
as Michael
Angelo Minichino Angelo Minichino
as Giacomo
Laura Iannone Laura Iannone
as Giulia
Mimmo Manfredi Mimmo Manfredi
as Il vigile urbano
Benedetto Casillo Benedetto Casillo
as Il barbiere
Luigi Esposito Luigi Esposito
as Il farmacista
Franco Pinelli Franco Pinelli
as Il barista
Camillo Milli Camillo Milli
as Il cardinale
Paolo Paoloni Paolo Paoloni
as Monsignor Callisto
Tommaso Bianco Tommaso Bianco
as Il giocatore di biliardo nel bar
Mario Zucca Mario Zucca
as Il direttore della TDM
María del Monte María del Monte
as la signora Ottavia
Valentina Stella Valentina Stella
as La cantante alla festa
Alessandro Siani Alessandro Siani
Gianluca Ansanelli Gianluca Ansanelli
Tito Buffolini Tito Buffolini
Alessandro Siani Alessandro Siani

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