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Adormidera (2013)

Adormidera (2013)

There is no glory in battle!

Malta, the late 1300s. Five soldiers are returning home from battle. Hungry and exhausted, they stumble upon a fort. What was meant to be a one-night stopover rapidly escalades into a whirlwind of intrigue and an epic sword fight for retribution. Will a beautiful woman change their destiny? Or are they doomed to die in their ever quest to protect their land against invaders?

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  • Eugenio Eaddy says :

    Rather slow before you start but worth the watch.

  • Stan Schlosser says :

    best wishes sooooo much for uploading this!!!!!

  • Demetrius Decarlo says :

    thanks a good deal to do this :D..Really appreciate your effort.

  • Dalila Derosia says :

    Video quality is absolutly awesome!

  • Caryn Cobian says :

    Thanks very much for sharing, I enjoyed watching it.

Andrei Claude Andrei Claude
as Tristan de Leon
Lori MacFadyen Lori MacFadyen
as Lady Isobel
Henry Zammit Cordina Henry Zammit Cordina
as Lord William
Derek DeGaetano Derek DeGaetano
as Ivor
Joseph Calleja Joseph Calleja
as Arn
Andre Mallia Andre Mallia
as Jodas
Robert Grima Robert Grima
as Reeve
Daniel Sammut Daniel Sammut
as Rothgar
Audrey Harrison Audrey Harrison
as Adormidera
Larissa Bonaci Larissa Bonaci
as Adormidera's mother
Barry Calvert Barry Calvert
as Father Oswald
Julia Calvert Julia Calvert
as Elizabeth
Jessica Buttigieg Jessica Buttigieg
as Adela
Sandra Vella Sandra Vella
as Sabine
Karl Schembri Karl Schembri
as Ragnar
Joe Degiorgio Joe Degiorgio
as Ralf
Ruth Borg Ruth Borg
as Barmaid in banquet
Malcolm Ellul Malcolm Ellul
as Horseman 1
Joseph Grech Joseph Grech
as Horseman 2
Raymond Mizzi Raymond Mizzi
Kevin Mallia Kevin Mallia
Andre Mallia Andre Mallia
Rose Abela Rose Abela
Jure Peternel Jure Peternel

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