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I Survived a Zombie Holocaust (2014)

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust (2014)

Shoot, Cut, Stay Alive

From the land of early Peter Jackson comes another Braindead movie in bad taste. It’s the third day of shooting the low budget horror ‘Tonight They Come’ on location in the wilds of New Zealand. Director SMP is already beside himself having to work with a self-obsessed leading man and a bimbo actress when into his line of fire comes a new runner, wannabe screenwriter Wesley Pennington. Clearly an accident-prone nerd, Wesley nevertheless tries his best to fit in with the crazed cast and demented crew while falling head over heels for Susan, the set caterer. But something nasty has entered the local water supply and suddenly the zombie extras start acting like genuine members of the living dead, gore stunts looks even more authentic and actual severed limbs fly. Reel life turns real as Wesley attempts to save the day while ensuring his latest script will get made.

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Harley Neville Harley Neville
as Wesley Pennington
Jocelyn Christian Jocelyn Christian
as Susan Ford
Ben Baker Ben Baker
as Tane Henare
Reanin Johannink Reanin Johannink
as Jessica Valentine
Mike Edward Mike Edward
as Adam Harrison
Andrew Laing Andrew Laing
as SMP
Simon Ward Simon Ward
as Richard Driver
Mark Neilson Mark Neilson
as Randy Bateman
Patrick Davies Patrick Davies
as Greg Winston
Harry Love Harry Love
as Harold Beasley
Guy Pigden Guy Pigden
Zoe Hobson Zoe Hobson
Mike J. Newport Mike J. Newport
Original Music Composer
Jon Wilson Jon Wilson
Director of Photography
Bryce Holtshousen Bryce Holtshousen
Production Design
Nic Larsen Nic Larsen
Art Direction
Brae Toia Brae Toia
Costume & Make-Up
Makeup Department Head
Timothy Munro Timothy Munro
Special Effects Coordinator
Gallien Chanalet-Quercy Gallien Chanalet-Quercy
Executive Producer
Zane Holmes Zane Holmes
Executive Producer
Julie Clark Julie Clark
Makeup Effects
Tori Bindoff Tori Bindoff
Guy Pigden Guy Pigden