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Extinction (2014)

Extinction (2014)

Nature Has Evolved

The amazing footage you will see in this documentary was recorded during an expedition to the Amazon in South America. It has been assembled as per the camera time codes. It has not been altered or tampered with in any way and after extensive testing has been considered absolutely genuine. What you will see will change the way you view the natural world. Are you ready for that? For in the heart of the rainforest, a team of researchers led by the respected Professor John Howson strived to protect endangered and vulnerable species from extinction. But their guides abandoned them after a series of strange and unexplainable events and the team soon got hopelessly lost in the jungle. When events took a horrifying turn, the team realized that they were in the hunting grounds of an apex predator. And now they were the ones on the endangered species list.

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Ben Loyd-Holmes Ben Loyd-Holmes
as Professor John Howson
Sarah Mac Sarah Mac
as Michelle
Neil Newbon Neil Newbon
as Rob
Daniel Caren Daniel Caren
as James
Emma Lillie Lees Emma Lillie Lees
as Lisa
Adam Spinks Adam Spinks
Adam Spinks Adam Spinks
Ben Loyd-Holmes Ben Loyd-Holmes