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The Young Kieslowski (2015)

The Young Kieslowski (2015)

Grand romantic gestures need not apply in this comedic tale of star-crossed young love. Instead, freshman Brian Kieslowski displays endless reserves of bumbling awkwardness as he goes home with a girl for the first time... and then learns that he got her pregnant... with twins... all while she's going through a rather inconvenient Christianity phase. Could it be that being the good guy and doing what's right are two very different things?

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Ryan Malgarini Ryan Malgarini
as Brian Kieslowski
Haley Lu Richardson Haley Lu Richardson
as Leslie Mallard
Joshua Malina Joshua Malina
as Robert Kieslowski
Melora Walters Melora Walters
as Barbara Kieslowski
James Le Gros James Le Gros
as Walter Mallard
Osric Chau Osric Chau
as Cho
Jessica Lu Jessica Lu
as Hi Jing
John Redlinger John Redlinger
as Charles
Kerem Sanga Kerem Sanga
Kerem Sanga Kerem Sanga
Ricardo Diaz Ricardo Diaz
Director of Photography
John Swihart John Swihart
Original Music Composer
Susannah Lowber Susannah Lowber
Production Design
Ryan Brown Ryan Brown
Dandi Dewey Dandi Dewey
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Seth Caplan Seth Caplan
Ross Putman Ross Putman
David Hunter David Hunter
Danny Leiner Danny Leiner