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Aloft (2014)

Aloft (2014)

As we follow a mother and her son, we delve into a past marred by an accident that tears them apart. She will become a renowned artist and healer, and he will grow into his own and a peculiar falconer who bears the marks of a double absence. In the present, a young journalist will bring about an encounter between the two that puts the very meaning of life and art into question, so that we may contemplate the possibility of living life to its fullest, despite the uncertainties littering our paths.

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Jennifer Connelly Jennifer Connelly
as Nana Kunning
Mélanie Laurent Mélanie Laurent
as Jannia Ressmore
Cillian Murphy Cillian Murphy
as Ivan
William Shimell William Shimell
as Newman
Zen McGrath Zen McGrath
as Young Ivan
Peter McRobbie Peter McRobbie
as Ike
Winta McGrath Winta McGrath
as Gully
Nancy Drake Nancy Drake
as Old Woman
Judy Cook Judy Cook
as Airplane Receptionist
Carson Nattrass Carson Nattrass
as Officer
Oona Chaplin Oona Chaplin
as Alice
Claudia Llosa Claudia Llosa
Claudia Llosa Claudia Llosa