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Postman Pat: The Movie (2014)

Postman Pat: The Movie (2014)

Like always, Postman Pat is happily going about his duty delivering letters and parcels around the fictional town of Greendale. One day, auditions for the TV talent show, "You're the One", are held in Greendale, which Pat manages to pass. With Pat required to be away from Greendale whilst participating in the contest, various Patbot 3000 robots are deployed to take Pat's postal duties. This soon turns out to be an evil plot to take over the world, which Pat must now stop.

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Stephen Mangan Stephen Mangan
as Postman Pat (voice)
Jim Broadbent Jim Broadbent
as CEO (voice)
Rupert Grint Rupert Grint
as Josh (voice)
David Tennant David Tennant
as Wilf (voice)
Ronan Keating Ronan Keating
as Postman Pat (singing voice)
Susan Duerden Susan Duerden
as Sara Clifton (voice)
Sandra Teles Sandra Teles
as Julian Clifton (voice)
T.J. Ramini T.J. Ramini
as Ben Taylor (voice)
Peter Woodward Peter Woodward
as Carbunkle (voice)
Robin Atkin Downes Robin Atkin Downes
as Simon Cowbell (voice)
Brian George Brian George
as Ajay Bains (voice)
Parminder Nagra Parminder Nagra
as Nisha Bains (voice)
Jo Wyatt Jo Wyatt
as Meera Brains (voice)
Enn Reitel Enn Reitel
as PC Selby / Reverend Timms / Pat Wannabe 2 / Raed (voice)
Jane Carr Jane Carr
as Mrs. Goggins / Granny (voice)
Dan Hildebrand Dan Hildebrand
as Ted Glenn (voice)
Darren Richardson Darren Richardson
as Alf Thompson / SDS Employee 2 (voice)
Jacob Witkin Jacob Witkin
as George Lancaster / Major Forbes (voice)
Jean Gilpin Jean Gilpin
as Miss Hubbard / Crowd Lady / Pat Wannabe 3 (voice)
Anastasia Griffin Anastasia Griffin
as Dr. Sylvia Gilbertson / Lauren Taylor (voice)
Laura Solon Laura Solon
as Chat Host (voice)
Olivia Poulet Olivia Poulet
as Dorothy Thompson (voice)
Aimee Osbourne Aimee Osbourne
as Amy Wrigglesworth (voice)
Becky Wright Becky Wright
as Lizzy Taylor (voice)
Steven Kynman Steven Kynman
as Bill Thompson (voice)
Teresa Gallagher Teresa Gallagher
as Lucy Selby (voice)
Charlie Woodward Charlie Woodward
as Charlie Pringle (voice)
Kieron Elliott Kieron Elliott
as Michael Lam / SDS Employee 1 (voice)
Mike Disa Mike Disa
as Jess / UDM 300 (voice)
Chris Evans Chris Evans
as Radio Host (voice)
Craig Ferguson Craig Ferguson
as Craig / Not a Dalek (voice)
Robert Anich Robert Anich
as Escapologist (voice)
Adam Smyth Adam Smyth
as Cameraman 1 (voice)
Lucy Davis Lucy Davis
as Director 1 (voice)
Kelly Beckett Kelly Beckett
as Reporter / SDS Employee 3 (voice)
Julian Stone Julian Stone
as Director 2 / Stagehand 2 (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker
as Pat Wannabe 1 (voice)
Tony Curran Tony Curran
as Paparazzi 2 (voice)
Greg Ellis Greg Ellis
as Jimmy (voice)
Mike Disa Mike Disa
Annika Bluhm Annika Bluhm
Kim Fuller Kim Fuller
Robert Anich Robert Anich
Nicole Dubuc Nicole Dubuc
Peter J. Deluca Peter J. Deluca
Production Design

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