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Step Up All In (2014)

Step Up All In (2014)

Every Step Has Led To This

All-stars from the previous Step Up installments come together in glittering Las Vegas, battling for a victory that could define their dreams and their careers.

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Ryan Guzman Ryan Guzman
as Sean
Briana Evigan Briana Evigan
as Andie
Stephen Boss Stephen Boss
as Jason
Misha Gabriel Misha Gabriel
as Eddy
Izabella Miko Izabella Miko
as Alexa
Alyson Stoner Alyson Stoner
as Camille
Adam G. Sevani Adam G. Sevani
as Moose
Chadd Smith Chadd Smith
as Vladd
Christopher Scott Christopher Scott
as Hair
Chaton Anderson Chaton Anderson
as Sophie
Mari Koda Mari Koda
as Jenny Kido
Stephen Stevo Jones Stephen Stevo Jones
as Jasper
David Shreibman David Shreibman
as Chad
Luis Rosado Luis Rosado
as Monster
Facundo Lombard Facundo Lombard
as Marcos Santiago
Martín Lombard Martín Lombard
as Martin Santiago
Parris Goebel Parris Goebel
as Violet
Cyrus Spencer Cyrus Spencer
as Gauge
Karin Konoval Karin Konoval
as Ana
Frank Crudele Frank Crudele
as Boris
Jay Brazeau Jay Brazeau
as Mr. McGowan
Dzajna 'Jaja' Vanková Dzajna 'Jaja' Vanková
as Robot Girl
Jenny Dailey Jenny Dailey
as Grim Knight's Hot Twin #1
Jayme Rae Dailey Jayme Rae Dailey
as Grim Knight's Hot Twin #2
Elizabeth Weinstein Elizabeth Weinstein
as Casting Agent
Viv Leacock Viv Leacock
as Bartender (Club)
Leah Christ Leah Christ
as Model #1
Fiona Vroom Fiona Vroom
as Assistant Stylist
Laura Soltis Laura Soltis
as Stylist
Anthony Joseph Anthony Joseph
as Bellman #2
Yoshiharu Hashimoto Yoshiharu Hashimoto
as Kido's Uncle
Tae Helgeth Tae Helgeth
as Kid's Aunt
Fulvio Cecere Fulvio Cecere
as Uncle (Pizza Place)
Allie Meixner Allie Meixner
as Dancing Bachelorette
Peter Newman Peter Newman
as Interviewer
Patricia Mayen-Salazar Patricia Mayen-Salazar
as Maid
Graeme Duffy Graeme Duffy
as Ad Agency Executive #1
Jill Morrison Jill Morrison
as Ad Agency Executive #2
Christie Laing Christie Laing
as Hotel Executive
Aason Nadjiwan Aason Nadjiwan
as Voodoo Dancer
Hayden Fong Hayden Fong
as Voodoo Dancer
Mackenzie Green Mackenzie Green
as Voodoo Dancer
Chelsee Albo Chelsee Albo
as Fire Dancer
Carly Louth Carly Louth
as Fire Dancer
Marc Inniss Marc Inniss
as MOB Dancer
Nolan Padilla Nolan Padilla
as MOB Dancer
Phillip Chbeeb Phillip Chbeeb
as MOB Dancer
Bianca Brewton Bianca Brewton
as MOB Dancer
Tony Bellissimo Tony Bellissimo
as MOB Dancer
Josue Anthony Josue Anthony
as MOB Dancer
Brandy Lamkin Brandy Lamkin
as MOB Dancer
Brittny Sugarman Brittny Sugarman
as MOB Dancer
Celestina Aladekoba Celestina Aladekoba
as Celestina
Brandon Shaw Brandon Shaw
as Grim Knight Dancer
Emilio Dosal Emilio Dosal
as Grim Knight Dancer
Comfort Fedoke Comfort Fedoke
as Grim Knight Dancer
Kim Marko Germar Kim Marko Germar
as Grim Knight Dancer
Raymond Alexander Cham Jr. Raymond Alexander Cham Jr.
as Grim Knight Dancer
Nicholas Stewart Nicholas Stewart
as Grim Knight Dancer
Gui DaSilva-Greene Gui DaSilva-Greene
as Grim Knight Dancer
Jeffrey 'Machine' McCann Jeffrey 'Machine' McCann
as Grim Knight Dancer
Jesse 'Casper' Brown Jesse 'Casper' Brown
as Grim Knight Dancer
Janick Arseneau Janick Arseneau
as Divine Intention Dancer
Julie Dombrowski Julie Dombrowski
as Divine Intention Dancer
Sarah Katie Holmes Sarah Katie Holmes
as Divine Intention Dancer
Erika Kurata-Prevost Erika Kurata-Prevost
as Divine Intention Dancer
Marina Bastarache Marina Bastarache
as Divine Intention Dancer
Edith Collin-Marcoux Edith Collin-Marcoux
as Divine Intention Dancer
Adrienne Chan Adrienne Chan
as Divine Intention Dancer
Tiger Kirchharz Tiger Kirchharz
as Sweet Beaches Dancer
Lorella Boccia Lorella Boccia
as Sweet Beaches Dancer
Kenny Mugisha Kenny Mugisha
as Sweet Beaches Dancer
Brian Yang Brian Yang
as Sweet Beaches Dancer
Teya Wild Teya Wild
as Sweet Beaches Dancer
Lorena Liebman Lorena Liebman
as Blueprint Dancer
Nicolas Begin Nicolas Begin
as Blueprint Dancer
Derek Rice Derek Rice
as Blueprint Dancer
Ian Arcudi Ian Arcudi
as Blueprint Dancer
Saxon Fraser Saxon Fraser
as Blueprint Dancer
Handy Yacinthe Handy Yacinthe
as Blueprint Dancer
Mecdy Jean-Pierre Mecdy Jean-Pierre
as Blueprint Dancer
Vincent Poirier Vincent Poirier
as Blueprint Dancer
Axelle Munezero Axelle Munezero
as Blueprint Dancer
Martine Bruneau Martine Bruneau
as Blueprint Dancer
Marc Antoine Millette Marc Antoine Millette
as Petronas Dancer
Stephane Charbonneau Stephane Charbonneau
as Petronas Dancer
Olivier Blais Olivier Blais
as Petronas Dancer
Max Paradis Max Paradis
as Petronas Dancer
Eric Ardila Quinonez Eric Ardila Quinonez
as Petronas Dancer
Eric Martel Eric Martel
as Tech-Stylz Dancer
Mathieu Dumoulin Mathieu Dumoulin
as Tech-Stylz Dancer
Daniel Morrison Daniel Morrison
as Tech-Stylz Dancer
Mark Siller Mark Siller
as Tech-Stylz Dancer
Dean Placzek Dean Placzek
as Tech-Stylz Dancer
Lawrence Devera Lawrence Devera
as Poreotics Dancer
Can Nguyen Can Nguyen
as Poreotics Dancer
Charles Nguyen Charles Nguyen
as Poreotics Dancer
Chad Mayate Chad Mayate
as Poreotics Dancer
Justin Valles Justin Valles
as Poreotics Dancer
Fritz Coleman Fritz Coleman
as Voodoo Dancer
Trish Sie Trish Sie
John Swetnam John Swetnam
Adam Shankman Adam Shankman
Jennifer Gibgot Jennifer Gibgot
Duane Adler Duane Adler
Jeff Cardoni Jeff Cardoni
Brian Pearson Brian Pearson
Niven Howie Niven Howie
Matt Smith Matt Smith
Executive Producer