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Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Implausible (2014)

Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Implausible (2014)

A criminal produces an uncontrollable laughter to the population and Mortadelo and Filemón will have to stop him.

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Karra Elejalde Karra Elejalde
as Mortadelo / Tía Fulgencia (voice)
Janfri Topera Janfri Topera
as Filemón (voice)
Gabriel Chame Buendía Gabriel Chame Buendía
as Jimmy el Cachondo (voice)
Ramón Langa Ramón Langa
as Filemón en sueños (voice)
Mariano Venancio Mariano Venancio
as El Súper (voice)
Víctor Monigote Víctor Monigote
as Tronchamulas reversizado (voice)
José Alias José Alias
as Tronchamulas (voice)
Emilio Gavira Emilio Gavira
as Rompetechos (voice)
Enrique Villén Enrique Villén
as El Profesor Bacterio (voice)
Berta Ojea Berta Ojea
as Ofelia (voice)
Athenea Mata Athenea Mata
as Señorita Irma (voice)
Chani Martín Chani Martín
as Mari (voice)
Manuel Tallafé Manuel Tallafé
as Trini (voice)
Javier Laorden Javier Laorden
as Guardia / Niño 2 (voice)
Rocío Calvo Rocío Calvo
as Vecina Filemón / Niño 3 (voice)
Karlos Arguiñano Karlos Arguiñano
as Cocinero TV (voice)
Javier Fesser Javier Fesser
as Instalador caja fuerte / Voz sobre el periódico (voice)
Iesus Salamanca Iesus Salamanca
as Ciego / Yoyolanda reversizada (voice)
Isabel Nuñez Isabel Nuñez
as Yoyolanda / Reportera noticiaria TV (voice)
Claudia Fesser Claudia Fesser
as Bicho 1 / Pingüino (voice)
Javier Fesser Javier Fesser
Javier Fesser Javier Fesser
Claro García Claro García
Cristóbal Ruiz Cristóbal Ruiz
Francisco Ibáñez Francisco Ibáñez
Luis Manso Luis Manso
Francisco Ramos Francisco Ramos
Rafael Arnau Rafael Arnau
Miguel Pablos Miguel Pablos
Director of Photography
Javier Abad Javier Abad
Visual Effects
Animation Director