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Missed Connections (2015)

Missed Connections (2015)

reconnecting with those you never met

From Director Brandon Ho & Writer Joseph Reidhead comes the Romantic Comedy "Missed Connections" a story about love, identity, the universe, and well, sandwiches. Marc Reid (Kevin O'Keefe), a discouraged romance novelist, is setup on a blind date with girl named Melissa by his over excited sister Julia (Sarah Kent). Marc, a little less than enthusiastic, ends up picking up Jessie (Tatum Langton) instead of Melissa from the apartment complex. As the night unfolds Jessie and Marc meet up with old friends Gary (Bryce Chamberlain) and Mary (Renny Grames) and make a couple of new friends along the way. Things are complicated by Jessie's boyfriend Trent (Lawrence Fernandez). But will Jessie and Marc be able to find love? Can Jessie help Marc rediscover romance and his passion of writing or are they cursed to simply be another missed connection?

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Tatum Langton Tatum Langton
as Jessie
Kevin O'Keefe Kevin O'Keefe
as Marc Reid
Lawrence Fernandez Lawrence Fernandez
as Trent
J.R. Andrus J.R. Andrus
Brandon Ho Brandon Ho
Joseph Reidhead Joseph Reidhead