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Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man (2008)

Heroes aren't born. They're built.

After being held captive in an Afghan cave, billionaire engineer Tony Stark creates a unique weaponized suit of armor to fight evil.

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Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr.
as Tony Stark / Iron Man
Terrence Howard Terrence Howard
as James Rhodes
Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges
as Obadiah Stane / Iron Monger
Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow
as Pepper Potts
Leslie Bibb Leslie Bibb
as Christine Everhart
Shaun Toub Shaun Toub
as Yinsen
Faran Tahir Faran Tahir
as Raza
Clark Gregg Clark Gregg
as Phil Coulson
Bill Smitrovich Bill Smitrovich
as General Gabriel
Sayed Badreya Sayed Badreya
as Abu Bakaar
Paul Bettany Paul Bettany
as J.A.R.V.I.S. (voice)
Jon Favreau Jon Favreau
as Happy Hogan
Peter Billingsley Peter Billingsley
as William Ginter Riva
Tim Guinee Tim Guinee
as Major Allen
Will Lyman Will Lyman
as Award Ceremony Narrator (voice)
Tom Morello Tom Morello
as Guard
Marco Khan Marco Khan
as Guard
Daston Kalili Daston Kalili
as Guard
Ido Ezra Ido Ezra
as Guard
Kevin Foster Kevin Foster
as Jimmy
Garret Noël Garret Noël
as Pratt
Eileen Weisinger Eileen Weisinger
as Ramirez
Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed
as Ahmed
Fahim Fazli Fahim Fazli
as Omar
Gerard Sanders Gerard Sanders
as Howard Stark
Tim Rigby Tim Rigby
as Viper 1
Russell Richardson Russell Richardson
as Viper 2
Nazanin Boniadi Nazanin Boniadi
as Amira Ahmed
Thomas Craig Plumer Thomas Craig Plumer
as Colonel Craig
Robert Berkman Robert Berkman
as Dealer at Craps Table
Stacy Stas Stacy Stas
as Woman at Craps Table
Lauren Scyphers Lauren Scyphers
as Woman at Craps Table
Frank Nyi Frank Nyi
as Engineer
Marvin Jordan Marvin Jordan
as Air Force Officer
Jim Cramer Jim Cramer
as Jim Cramer
Donna Evans Donna Evans
as Woman In SUV
Reid Harper Reid Harper
as Kid in SUV
Summer Kylie Remington Summer Kylie Remington
as Kid in SUV
Ava Rose Williams Ava Rose Williams
as Kid in SUV
Vladimir Kubr Vladimir Kubr
as Kid in SUV
Callie Croughwell Callie Croughwell
as Kid in SUV
Javan Tahir Javan Tahir
as Gulmira Kid
Sahar Bibiyan Sahar Bibiyan
as Gulmira Mom
Patrick O'Connell Patrick O'Connell
as Reporter
Adam Harrington Adam Harrington
as Reporter
Meera Simhan Meera Simhan
as Reporter
Ben Newmark Ben Newmark
as Reporter
Ricki Lander Ricki Lander
as Flight Attendant
Jeannine Kaspar Jeannine Kaspar
as Flight Attendant
Sarah Cahill Sarah Cahill
as Flight Attendant
Stan Lee Stan Lee
as Stan Lee
Justin Rex Justin Rex
as Air Force Lieutenant
Zorianna Kit Zorianna Kit
as Zorianna Kit
Lana Kinnear Lana Kinnear
as Stan's Girl
Nicole Lindeblad Nicole Lindeblad
as Stan's Girl
Masha Lund Masha Lund
as Stan's Girl
Gabrielle Tuite Gabrielle Tuite
as Stan's Girl
Tim Griffin Tim Griffin
as CAOC Analyst
Joshua Harto Joshua Harto
as CAOC Analyst
Micah A. Hauptman Micah A. Hauptman
as CAOC Analyst
James Bethea James Bethea
as CAOC Analyst
Samuel L. Jackson Samuel L. Jackson
as Nick Fury (uncredited)
Jeffrey Ashkin Jeffrey Ashkin
as Photographer (uncredited)
Russell Bobbitt Russell Bobbitt
as Georgio (uncredited)
Vianessa Castaños Vianessa Castaños
as Fireman's Wife (uncredited)
Mike Cochrane Mike Cochrane
as Gulmira Villager (uncredited)
Crystal Marie Denha Crystal Marie Denha
as Dubai Beauty (uncredited)
Mellany Gandara Mellany Gandara
as Dubai Girl (uncredited)
Halla Halla
as House wife at Award Ceremony (uncredited)
Rodrick Hersh Rodrick Hersh
as Insurgent (uncredited)
Kristin J. Hooper Kristin J. Hooper
as Reporter (uncredited)
Chris Jalandoni Chris Jalandoni
as Dubai Waiter (uncredited)
Stephen Janousek Stephen Janousek
as Party Guest (uncredited)
Laura Liguori Laura Liguori
as Dancer in Ballroom (uncredited)
Flavia Manes Rossi Flavia Manes Rossi
as Reporter (uncredited)
Anthony Martins Anthony Martins
as Village Dad (uncredited)
Robert McMurrer Robert McMurrer
as Reporter (uncredited)
James M. Myers James M. Myers
as Airforce Officer (uncredited)
America Olivo America Olivo
as Dubai Beauty #1 (uncredited)
Sylvette Ortiz Sylvette Ortiz
as Staff Sergeant (uncredited)
Brett Padelford Brett Padelford
as Journalist (uncredited)
Ajani Perkins Ajani Perkins
as Voice (uncredited)
Chris Reid Chris Reid
as Reporter (uncredited)
Toi Rose Toi Rose
as News Cameraman (uncredited)
George F. Watson George F. Watson
as Rooftop Fireman (uncredited)
David Zyler David Zyler
as Whiplash One (voice) (uncredited)
Nick W. Nicholson Nick W. Nicholson
as Reporter (uncredited)
Elijah Samuel Quesada Elijah Samuel Quesada
as Waiter / Reporter (uncredited)
Art Marcum Art Marcum
Matt Holloway Matt Holloway
Stan Lee Stan Lee
Larry Lieber Larry Lieber
Jack Kirby Jack Kirby
Don Heck Don Heck
Matthew Libatique Matthew Libatique
Director of Photography
Dan Lebental Dan Lebental
Avi Arad Avi Arad
Ramin Djawadi Ramin Djawadi
Original Music Composer
Stan Lee Stan Lee
Executive Producer
Ari Arad Ari Arad
Executive Producer
Sarah Finn Sarah Finn
Randi Hiller Randi Hiller
Rebecca Bentjen Rebecca Bentjen
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Laura Jean Shannon Laura Jean Shannon
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Jon Favreau Jon Favreau
Andy Hass Andy Hass
Visual Effects
Visual Effects
Kevin Feige Kevin Feige
Cristina Weigmann Cristina Weigmann
Script Supervisor
Victoria Alonso Victoria Alonso
Tad Griffith Tad Griffith
Utility Stunts
Riley Harper Riley Harper
Utility Stunts