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Paulette (2013)

Paulette (2013)

Paulette lives alone in a housing project in the Paris suburbs. With her meager pension, she can no longer make ends meet.

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Bernadette Lafont Bernadette Lafont
as Paulette
Carmen Maura Carmen Maura
as Maria
Dominique Lavanant Dominique Lavanant
as Lucienne
Françoise Bertin Françoise Bertin
as Renée
André Penvern André Penvern
as Walter
Axelle Laffont Axelle Laffont
as Agnès
Ismaël Dramé Ismaël Dramé
as Léo (7 ans)
Jean-Baptiste Anoumon Jean-Baptiste Anoumon
as Ousmane
Paco Boublard Paco Boublard
as Vito
Mahamadou Coulibaly Mahamadou Coulibaly
as Idriss
Kamel Laadaili Kamel Laadaili
as Momo
Aymen Saïdi Aymen Saïdi
as Rachid
Soufiane Guerrab Soufiane Guerrab
as Zak
Samir Trabelsi Samir Trabelsi
as Pierrot
Alexandre Aubry Alexandre Aubry
as Tit'Yves
Christopher Tram Christopher Tram
as Kun
Jérôme Enrico Jérôme Enrico
Laurie Aubanel Laurie Aubanel
Bianca Olsen Bianca Olsen
Cyril Rambour Cyril Rambour
Jérôme Enrico Jérôme Enrico
Jérôme Enrico Jérôme Enrico
Scenario Writer