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School of Rock (2003)

School of Rock (2003)

He just landed the gig of his life: 5th grade.

Fired from his band and hard up for cash, guitarist and vocalist Dewey Finn finagles his way into a job as a fifth-grade substitute teacher at a private school, where he secretly begins teaching his students the finer points of rock 'n' roll. The school's hard-nosed principal is rightly suspicious of Finn's activities. But Finn's roommate remains in the dark about what he's doing.

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Jack Black Jack Black
as Dewey Finn
Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman
as Patty Di Marco
Joan Cusack Joan Cusack
as Rosalie Mullins
Mike White Mike White
as Ned Schneebly
Miranda Cosgrove Miranda Cosgrove
as Summer Hathaway
Joey Gaydos Jr. Joey Gaydos Jr.
as Zack Mooneyham
Kevin Alexander Clark Kevin Alexander Clark
as Freddy Jones
Maryam Hassan Maryam Hassan
as Tomika
Chris Stack Chris Stack
as Doug
Lucas Babin Lucas Babin
as Spider
Jordan-Claire Green Jordan-Claire Green
as Michelle
Aleisha Allen Aleisha Allen
as Alicia
Veronica Afflerbach Veronica Afflerbach
as Eleni
Robert Tsai Robert Tsai
as Lawrence
Angelo Massagli Angelo Massagli
as Frankie
Caitlin Hale Caitlin Hale
as Marta
Cole Hawkins Cole Hawkins
as Leonard
Brian Falduto Brian Falduto
as Billy
James Hosey James Hosey
as Marco
Zachary Infante Zachary Infante
as Gordon
Rebecca Brown Rebecca Brown
as Katie
Jaclyn Neidenthal Jaclyn Neidenthal
as Emily
Suzzanne Douglas Suzzanne Douglas
as Tomika's Mother
Eron Otcasek Eron Otcasek
as Musician
Carlos Velazquez Carlos Velazquez
as Musician
Kimberly Grigsby Kimberly Grigsby
as Mrs. Sheinkopf
Lee Wilkof Lee Wilkof
as Mr. Green
Kate McGregor-Stewart Kate McGregor-Stewart
as Mrs. Lemmons
Wally Dunn Wally Dunn
as Gym Teacher
Tim Hopper Tim Hopper
as Zack's Father
Michael Dominguez-Rudolph Michael Dominguez-Rudolph
as Art Student
Crash Cortez Crash Cortez
as Max
Nicky Katt Nicky Katt
as Razor
John Highsmith John Highsmith
as Tony
Heather Goldenhersh Heather Goldenhersh
as Sheila
Timothy Timothy "Speed" Levitch
as Waiter
Scott Graham Scott Graham
as Punk Rock Guy
Sharon Washington Sharon Washington
as Alicia's Mother
Kim Brockington Kim Brockington
as Leonard's Mother
Marty Murphy Marty Murphy
as Concerned Father
Kathleen McNenny Kathleen McNenny
as Freddy's Mother
Joanna Adler Joanna Adler
as Summer's Mother
Robert Lin Robert Lin
as Lawrence's Father
Barry Shurchin Barry Shurchin
as Cop
MacIntyre Dixon MacIntyre Dixon
as Bus Driver
Amy Sedaris Amy Sedaris
as Mrs. Haynish
Mary Fortune Mary Fortune
as Teacher's Assistant
Mandy Siegfried Mandy Siegfried
as Female Employee
Elisa Pugliese Elisa Pugliese
as Concert Goer
Carlos J. Da Silva Carlos J. Da Silva
as Security Guard
Ian O'Malley Ian O'Malley
as Radio Exec
Chris Line Chris Line
as Radio DJ
Kyle Meaney Kyle Meaney
as Toby
Frank Whaley Frank Whaley
as Battle of the Bands Director
Lauren Adler Lauren Adler
as Concert Goer
Kelly Anne Burns Kelly Anne Burns
as Groupie
Leanne Cabrera Leanne Cabrera
as Concert Goer
Catherine A. Callahan Catherine A. Callahan
as Concert Goer
Lucas Papaelias Lucas Papaelias
as Neil
Adam Pascal Adam Pascal
as Theo
Cedric Cannon Cedric Cannon
as Leonard's Dad
Mike Clemente Mike Clemente
as Crazed Fan
Anivile Daniel Anivile Daniel
as Concert Goer
Jane DeNoble Jane DeNoble
as Billy's Mom
Caileigh Scott Caileigh Scott
as Concert Goer
Karen Nazarov Karen Nazarov
as Groupie
Riley G. Matthews Jr. Riley G. Matthews Jr.
as Blood Brothers MC Biker
Jada Montemarano Jada Montemarano
as Student
Mateo Moreno Mateo Moreno
as Concert Goer
Lian Moy Lian Moy
as Student
Ryan O'Connor Ryan O'Connor
as No Vaccancy's Biggest Fan
Scott Ross Scott Ross
as Concert Goer
Johnny Sullivan Johnny Sullivan
as Guy in Crowd Who Catches Dewey
Jamie Vergan Jamie Vergan
as Concert Goer
Joe Wachowski Joe Wachowski
as Concert Goer
Richard Linklater Richard Linklater
Mike White Mike White
Craig Wedren Craig Wedren
Rogier Stoffers Rogier Stoffers
Director of Photography
Sandra Adair Sandra Adair
Adam Scher Adam Scher
Art Direction
Scott Aversano Scott Aversano
Executive Producer
Steve Nicolaides Steve Nicolaides
Executive Producer
Scott Rudin Scott Rudin
Ilene Starger Ilene Starger
Jeremy Conway Jeremy Conway
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Karin Wiesel Karin Wiesel
Set Decoration
Karen Patch Karen Patch
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Joseph E. Iberti Joseph E. Iberti
Unit Production Manager
Valerie Lindquist Valerie Lindquist
Casting Associate
Zoe E. Rotter Zoe E. Rotter
Casting Assistant
Janice Wilde Janice Wilde
Casting Associate
Robert T. Striem Robert T. Striem
Location Manager
Karen Koula Sossiadis Karen Koula Sossiadis
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Julie Oppenheimer Julie Oppenheimer
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Samantha Prindle Samantha Prindle
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Michael Holmstrom Michael Holmstrom
Bob Colletti Bob Colletti
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David Shumbris David Shumbris
Johnny L. Sullivan Johnny L. Sullivan
Shawnna Thibodeau Shawnna Thibodeau
Don Hewitt Sr. Don Hewitt Sr.
Stunt Coordinator
Don Hewitt Jr. Don Hewitt Jr.